Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A thank you note to all my reader !!

It's almost an year when i started to pen down my research and thought on this subject.
and without your constant encouragement it would have never been achieved.
Happy anniversary and thank you very much !! I promise to keep posting wonderful facts from affiliate marketing world :) :)

But today before i conclude i want to talk about some challenges as well what we are facing with affiliate marketing.

We need to look into not only the positive aspects but also some challenges faced by affiliate
marketing as listed below
  • Hiring and maintaining affiliates (Merchant Perspective)
  • Security breach (Cookie stuffing and link hacking)
  • Stiff competition between affiliates to establish a position in the market
  • Commission out of affiliate control as it is decided by Business/Product owner.
But anywhere we measure challenges against benefits to get the happy picture. and we'll do that in coming days. thanks.

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