Tuesday, 18 September 2012


As I have promised last time here comes BENEFITS & BENEFICIARIES IN A NUTSHELL. Now the question comes are we that means i and more importantly you are a part of this lucky breed in world of affiliate marketing. 


  • Merchants & its products are able to reach out to a worldwide market. 
  • Medium of delivery is internet and is the cheapest mode (Cost Effective) of driving sales with good return of investment (ROI)
  • Merchant needs to pay affiliate only if they generate click, lead, impression or a sale unlike traditional advertising. 
  • Intermediary network helps in linking the affiliate & merchant so that promotion kicks off based on mutual interest and good understanding. 
  • Extra revenue source without compromising merchant’s routine job as affiliates with appropriate expertise take up the responsibility of product marketing.
  • Easy to get started as building promotion links like banners does not require much technical expertise. Business owners/merchants get real time demand feedback of their products enabling them to initiate rapid course correction if required.


  • Affiliates drive the sales for merchants and earn commission on generating a successful click, lead, impression or a sale. This has created an excellent business opportunity which has been successfully leveraged by a thriving community of internet savvy entrepreneurs.
  • Targeted and relevant advertisements are served based on the user profile making it easier for the end user to make a purchase and also increase the possibility of a sale.
This gives a clear picture of what stands as the benefits and who are benefited out of this affiliate marketing. And Obviously this makes Affiliate Marketing standing Out as winner in the field of Internet marketing.

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