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Affiliate marketing process kicks off once the merchants and affiliates gets linked with a mutual agreement with the help of intermediary. A dedicated web interface designed by the Intermediary for Affiliate and Merchant acts as the link between the three parties. These interfaces provide vital information to the linked parties for deciding and reaching an agreement. Based on the product’s promotion offers in the merchant’s site, affiliate can contact the merchant to place the link of their ad in affiliate’s site or vice-versa.

A typical category of affiliates requires special mention as they get auto approved the moment they apply to the merchants as they fall under an exceptional class named “Special Affiliates” who have created an extraordinary reputation in the online marketing world by their advanced marketing strategies. 

A systematic process runs behind the creation of ads & offers and affiliate getting access of the AD links created by the merchants.

Merchants with the assistance of interface provided by intermediary create different types of promotional Ad links like text, banners, Individual products, mobile banner, mobile text, etc links which are required to drive its product into the target market.

Merchant defines certain criteria based on which the affiliate receives commission for each click/lead/sale it generates. Offer is the crucial business concept using which the affiliate comes to an agreement with the merchant with regards to the commission/compensation that they would earn based on the clicks/sales/impressions/leads generated for the merchant product/business.

Offers can be public or private

    Public: All affiliates joined with a merchant can take part in a public offer in promoting their product with equal interest.
    Private: Private offer is targeted on a certain group of affiliates based on the interest of the merchant and those affiliates only will take part in promotion of merchant’s products.

Merchant defines the public or private offer with one or more of the payout models described below, and The AD links are created and linked with these offers and provided to a specific affiliate capable of marketing it or to all affiliates with whom the merchant is partnered with. The choice of which affiliates to use lies at the sole discretion of the merchant.

Affiliate gets access of the link code of the AD links once they get partnered with the merchant and their offers. These links are placed in affiliate sites where it is expected to capture the attention of end users/ consumers and induce a click resulting in a sale of the product.

Data-feed(promotion technique) is a digital inventory of products to be sold online which includes information such as, a deep link to location on site, a link to an image of the product, a description, the price, reference ID and category. This information is used by merchant’s affiliates to highlight merchant’s products individually. SALES/TRANSACTION TRACKING MET

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