Monday, 12 December 2011

AFFILIATE MARKETING A Propeller for Internet Marketing

“Affiliate Marketing- Redefining Power of Ad Space”
It is forgone conclusion that Internet marketing is destined to cross new frontiers in the near future. Analysts predict that by year 2015, Internet marketing spend is likely to exceed $250 billion. According to Gartner over 3 billion of the world's adult population is expected to transact electronically using mobile or Internet. What could be the fitting marketing strategy to capture the eyeballs and wallets of these humongous numbers of internet users is a billion dollar question. Our research and experience leads us to conclude that a number of internet marketing strategies working in tandem would be necessary to address this massive and disparate audience. Among the various internet marketing strategies currently in vogue, “Affiliate Marketing” the subject of this paper, is definitely amongst the most important weapon in the hands of an astute internet marketing strategist. This white paper will explore all aspects of Affiliate marketing including its current & future business scope, working principles, technical model, benefits & beneficiaries. This blog also attempts to identify technology areas where an IT service provider can effectively contribute.